On this page you can find the museums, who show items of the rich history of Per Eklund.
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Saab Museum Trollhättan

In the Saab Museum in Trollhättan you can find the Saab 96, which Per Eklund won the Swedish rally in 1976.
This rally was a two man show. More than 34 special stages with no speed limits (a total of 700 km) were covered by Stig Blomqvist and Per Eklund at record speed in a bid to outdo each other. Per was 14 seconds ahead of Champion Stig at the half-time rest halt. Afterwards, the team management spend an anxious time witing as the two drivers battled it out along the special stages and right up to the finish. There was just no point in ordering them to hold back. But the cars lasted the distance.
Per won - and his car was taken straight to the museum.

This rally Saab is the most highly-developed competition 96 ever build. In standard tune the engine had 1498 cc and 65 hp, in modified form the engine had 1815 cc and gave no less than 165 hp at 7000 rpm. A sophisticated induction system and Weber 45 carburettors made up a winning total.

festival96.JPG (22185 bytes)
The museum car at the jubileum festival 1997 at Trollhättan

Nohabs Industriomrade
46180 Trollhättan
Tel. 46.520 859 43 fax 46.520 815 38
80 km north of Goteborg on road 44
Open: summer daily 10.00-18.00, rest of the year Tuesday to Sunday 11.00-16.00 or by appointment


Fordonsmuseum Arvika

In the Fordonsmuseum in Arvika, hometown of Per Eklund you can find most of the trophys he won in his carees as rally/rallycross driver. Also you can see his MG Metro

In the next future, his Porsche 911 rally will be showed


MG Metro

Thermiavägen 2
671 30 Arvika
75 km NW of Karlstad
Tel. 46.570 80390 fax 46.570 80290
May to September daily 11.00-18.00,
October to April, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 11.00-16.00